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User Agreement and Terms of Usage of Skate BTC

If you use skatebtc.com you accept the following conditions:

- The generated cryptocurrency is not your property until it is withdrawn to your wallet.
- If you lose access to your wallets or you withdraw to a wrong addresses you will lose the income definitely. The destination address of your wallets are your property and, therefore, your responsibility.
- In case of withdrawing BTC or LTC the exchange rate BTCJSE or LTCJSE will be as close as we can to the market rate, therefore, exchange rates will vary without prior notice, if you want a closer rate use an exchange.
- The service, in constant development, tries to provide funds from cryptocurrency mining to the publishers of content without any commission, however, if the service fails temporarily or definitely you are agree not to claim under any circumstances, being able to only communicate technical failures to help repair or debug the service if possible.
- These conditions are subject to change due to the evolution of cryptocurrency technology.

14/10/2019 - 17:11
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